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Do Not Interact Thumbnail by AnScathMarcach Do Not Interact Thumbnail :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 10 6 Galacticats - The Dogs - ANIMATION by AnScathMarcach Galacticats - The Dogs - ANIMATION :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 2 2 Dancing in the Clouds by AnScathMarcach Dancing in the Clouds :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 37 8 G3 Skywishes Cutie Mark by AnScathMarcach G3 Skywishes Cutie Mark :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 26 0 Dogs' Maniacal Laughter by AnScathMarcach Dogs' Maniacal Laughter :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 9 1 'You wouldn't happen to have SEEN anything...' by AnScathMarcach 'You wouldn't happen to have SEEN anything...' :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 9 1 Vega Has a Frighten by AnScathMarcach Vega Has a Frighten :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 10 0 Citrus Sweetheart Cutie Mark by AnScathMarcach Citrus Sweetheart Cutie Mark :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 16 0 Apple Spice Cutie Mark by AnScathMarcach Apple Spice Cutie Mark :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 15 0 Golden Delicious Cutie Mark by AnScathMarcach Golden Delicious Cutie Mark :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 17 0 Caramel Apples by AnScathMarcach Caramel Apples :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 23 8 Galacticats - Dog Scene - Fugitives by AnScathMarcach Galacticats - Dog Scene - Fugitives :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 7 1 Galacticats - Scaredy Cats by AnScathMarcach Galacticats - Scaredy Cats :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 5 0 Galacticats Background - Facing Front by AnScathMarcach Galacticats Background - Facing Front :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 4 3 Pixelly Pumpkin Cat by AnScathMarcach Pixelly Pumpkin Cat :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 21 5 Best Friends by AnScathMarcach Best Friends :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 43 10


DA's gross - Stamp by TheStamps DA's gross - Stamp :iconthestamps:TheStamps 12 3 12-2-2017 by AUGdrawpile 12-2-2017 :iconaugdrawpile:AUGdrawpile 6 6 Candy Corn Pegasus (Adoptable) by Unicornarama Candy Corn Pegasus (Adoptable) :iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 47 27 Sexylegs Ghost Avatar by RatTheUnloved Sexylegs Ghost Avatar :iconrattheunloved:RatTheUnloved 9 5 obligatory halloween pic by SillyCaracal obligatory halloween pic :iconsillycaracal:SillyCaracal 89 14 Watch Your Step by SilentRisingSun Watch Your Step :iconsilentrisingsun:SilentRisingSun 35 4 Boat Walking stamp by Narucid Boat Walking stamp :iconnarucid:Narucid 6 0 Jack's Compass stamp by Narucid Jack's Compass stamp :iconnarucid:Narucid 8 0 Cursed Coin Chest stamp by Narucid Cursed Coin Chest stamp :iconnarucid:Narucid 10 0 Equality Stamp by Almond-milky Equality Stamp :iconalmond-milky:Almond-milky 9 1 5 Photoshop Brushes for Painting Clouds by pixelstains 5 Photoshop Brushes for Painting Clouds :iconpixelstains:pixelstains 560 95 Sombra/Luna nextgen - Commission by Dawn22Eagle Sombra/Luna nextgen - Commission :icondawn22eagle:Dawn22Eagle 120 18

Random from Stamps

And full of bullshit by Ramen27 And full of bullshit :iconramen27:Ramen27 709 1,850 Artists Are Not Your Slaves by AnScathMarcach Artists Are Not Your Slaves :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 218 16 You can't tell me what to draw! by Little-rolling-bean You can't tell me what to draw! :iconlittle-rolling-bean:Little-rolling-bean 203 278 I Will Never Be Ashamed - Stamp by Starrceline I Will Never Be Ashamed - Stamp :iconstarrceline:Starrceline 125 20 #725 - Litten Stamp by MrDarkBB #725 - Litten Stamp :iconmrdarkbb:MrDarkBB 78 7 108 'Minor attracted people' by s-k-i-e-s 108 'Minor attracted people' :icons-k-i-e-s:s-k-i-e-s 110 15 DO NOT. by AnScathMarcach DO NOT. :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 454 556 Self-diagnosis by Sykadia Self-diagnosis :iconsykadia:Sykadia 33 15 Stop Attacking 'Theists' Stamp by JamesE82 Stop Attacking 'Theists' Stamp :iconjamese82:JamesE82 140 821


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Cori Davis
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United States
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Not a Brony Stamp by AnScathMarcach I Don't Spam My Thanks by AnScathMarcach
Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - Inkscape User by firstfear Stamp - Flash User by firstfear

American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Irish / Gaeilge Language Level Stamp --Int.-- by Mistful-Moons Latin language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Gaeltacht (Borderless Stamp) by AnScathMarcach

My username is Irish Gaelic for "The Shadow Rider" and it is pronounced "on skah MAR-kah". An Scáth Marcach

anscathmarcach My main blog, I post some art here that isn't relevant to my specialized art blogs.
Typical-AtheiSJW An atheist parody blog that turned out to be a feature blog for actual terrible things real people have said about Christians.

Art Blogs:
Scáth's Ponies My Little Pony art only
Galacticats Posting Galacticats progress
AnScathMarcachArt Inactive due to being falsely flagged as NSFW, but continues to rebog all art posts from my other blogs.

**Unless noted as "Free to use", You may not copy, trace, repost, modify, remove signatures, use any aspect of, or claim any art by AnScathMarcach. Posting outside of DeviantArt with the intent to share is permitted as long as credit and a direct link to the original is included.
HOWEVER: You are NOT permitted to share, display, or use my artwork, even with proper credit if your account/blog/page/website is dedicated to, engages in, or in any way supports or glorifies DDLG, Littles, MAPs, Pedophilia, Fetishes, Kinks, or any manner that sexualizes my family friendly artwork.**

If my artwork is found on any of these sites and used in this manner, it is subject to a takedown request or otherwise reported.


Pro-religious Content Warning by AnScathMarcach Pro-religious Content Warning by AnScathMarcach Pro-religious Content Warning by AnScathMarcach
Yes, I am religious (Christian). If you hate religious people (Christians), then don't watch me. Watching me and then complaining about me being inspired by my God or posting my views is just plain stupid. You were warned.

If Atheists Hate Me This Much... by AnScathMarcach Christophobia Stamp by AnScathMarcach Religion-Bashing by Chiminix

Thinking about doxxing me?
Go ahead, try it. It sure worked out well for this guy.
You'll never find me, and if by some freak instance you manage to do so, I WILL get you arrested and/or take the necessary measures to defend myself, and you'll only end up as another head on a pike just like him.

Yeah, there's a lot of people after me. Despite what anyone tells you, no, I do not and have never:

  • Stalk/hatewatch people
  • Track down/doxx people's personal information
    • (I have an IP tracker to tell when I'm being stalked and by who, and to give any info to the police, should my personal life be threatened)
  • Report/take down secular art
  • Want all non-Christians to die
  • Reporting every non-believer to the FBI just for not being a Christian
    • (I have only ever reported someone for finding where I live and threatening my life. If you don't do that, then surprise, you're safe)
  • Have/had any other DeviantArt accounts. Apparently I have impersonators also.

Don't believe everything people on the internet tell you, kids.



Do Not Interact Thumbnail
Because not everyone who sees my art will go to my profile to see my warnings, I will be posting this "stamp" on all of my G3 MLP works. After having one of my MLP images claimed by the DDLG/MAP community, and the rest of my childish/feminine drawings being at risk for the same fate, I need to take some precautions. My "Do-Not-Interact" banners have been pretty effective on Tumblr, so this is my DA version.

I put this in image format rather than text format because I discovered that DA will hide deviations with certain words in the description from showing up in searches of people who have safe search on, even if the picture is not marked mature. And for that matter, will also make those images APPEAR for people who are searching for those keywords. And the last thing I need is for all my MLP works to be hidden from safe search AND being specifically tagged in people's kinks. That would be counter-productive.

You are welcome to use this in your own descriptions if you feel your family-friendly drawings are at risk of being sexualized by the ever-growing community of pedophiles.

If You See This Stamp in the Description of Someone's Artwork, It Means:

You are NOT permitted to share, display, or use the artwork, even with proper credit if your account/blog/page/website is dedicated to, engages in, or in any way supports or glorifies DDLG, Littles, MAPs, Pedophilia, Fetishes, Kinks, or any manner that sexualizes it.

If you don't know what these terms are:
DDLG = Daddy-Dom/Little Girl, which is a fetish-play depicting sexual acts between a father and daughter
CGL = Similar to DDLG, but stands for Caregiver/Little
Little = The person playing the "child" in these kinks
MAP = Minor-Attracted Person, aka. a politically-correct term for Pedophile, attempting to destigmatize the practice.

These groups, despite claiming they keep their acts to themselves in private and that it's "nobody's business", are notorious for using and stealing people's artwork for their "aesthetic". "Do-Not-Interact" warnings don't always stop them, but it gives you the terms in writing to report them for using your art in ways you do not approve of.
Some atheisjw must have featured me. I've been getting a lot of commenters who are only out to start fights rather than having an actual debate.
Have you ever come across something you completely forgot you made?
The Galacticats clip is FINISHED! I actually uploaded it on Saturday, but I've been so busy this week I didn't have time to spread it.




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Spazadacious Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist
Hey there just wanting to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope your life isn't to hectic. I know mine is :P This time of year I think is busy for everyone!
ZookieDragon Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Professional Artist
Thanks for the watch!
Dragonlord-Daegen Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
im curious...did you know there is Cannon G3 pony that is a christian?

i give you Baby Bright Night…
this very special so-soft pony would say her prayers whenever you squeezed her hoof...sadly she is very rare (due to the fact of being on retail shelves so briefly because of a bunch of parents raising hell about the christian theme)

i bring this it up,just in case you get stumped for making your pony art in December. 
AnScathMarcach Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! No I hadn't heard of her.
Dragonlord-Daegen Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
really?im surprised you didn't know about her.
i don't know why she got so much criticism (i always found her to be adorable)
EerieMancubus Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
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