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Which FNaF character should I be for Halloween? 

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Cori Davis
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
What do I Upload? I specialize in Realism and Pixel-art. I mostly post any generation of My Little Pony, Furcadia portraits and patches from commissions, and occasionally Christian-themed art.
Yes, I am religious (Christian). If you hate religious people (Christians), then don't watch me. Watching me and then complaining about me being inspired by my God or posting my views is just plain stupid. You were warned.

For artwork and preview sketches: anscathmarcach-art
If you want random/political: anscathmarcach (my main blog)
And then there's the self-explanatory anti-christophobia.

I use:
Gimp User Stamp by DarkwizkidInkscape User Stamp by Nakamo.Color Pencils Stamp. by PetiteTangerine

There is something going on. Something that frustrates me and disappoints me. That thing is when potentially great works are disregarded because they are associated with a certain label or stereotype. When quality is ignored over content. When people say “This sucks because it’s ponies/furries/etc.” when artwise, plotwise, or ideawise, it’s very well done. So many artists, writers, and producers are going unnoticed, or being snuffed out before they can even reach the public because nobody can see the quality of their work. All they can see is the stereotype it fits with.

An artist of the blog Peter & Company pointed this out very well in their post about the Problem with the Furry Stereotype and how people who like to draw talking animal characters are automatically brushed off as “Furfags” despite how good their art may be.

Even I’ve had a few experiences myself. The latest one was when I wrote my first creepypasta, and it actually got narrated by Mutahar himself from SomeOrdinaryGamers. While I was super excited about this, I had made two big mistakes. The first being I mentioned I liked the older generations of Pokemon the best, the second being I mentioned that I played with My Little Ponies as a kid. As a result, half of the comment section was saying they hated the story because the writer was a “Brony”, and the other half because they were a “Genwunner”. Remember, all I mentioned was that the first Pokemon games were my favorite and that I had grown out of playing with ponies as a kid. First of all, neither of those things mean I’m a Brony or a Genwunner, and second, even if I was, it changes nothing in the quality of the story. If nobody cared about Bronies or Genwunners (as it should be) the attitude toward it would be much different.

This needs to stop.

People need to see art for what it is. People need to turn “This is a picture of (…) therefore it’s bad” into “Great job, it’s a really good picture even though I don’t like (…)”. It would make the world a much better place, give potential artists much more confidence, and open up doors to bring great things to the world that we may never have seen because of bigotry.

Another point I should make is that it’s okay to like something if you think it looks good, even if you don’t like its subjects, or maybe even the person who made it.

For example, I hate PinkiePony as much as everyone else here, but one day I found her DeviantArt, not even knowing who it was, and I thought “Hey, I really like this art, I just might follow them”. Of course I changed my mind as soon as I saw who it was, but that was wrong of me. You see, PinkiePony is an awful, horrible person, but that doesn’t make her any less of a good artist. 

It’s perfectly okay to enjoy someone’s art even if you don’t like the person who made it. If you come across a piece of art and you find it appealing, but it’s by someone you don’t like, or contains ponies or furries or any other kind of thing you think is “bad”, it’s perfectly okay to think “Hey, this is a good piece of art”. It’s not going to turn you into a Brony or Furry if you think it’s good. It just means you have a taste in art and are capable of seeing the beauty in things. It means you’re capable of having an open mind! Embrace that!


Some Updates:
 I have been committing to this! There's this artist I follow (not naming who) who's journals usually consist of nothing but bashing and mocking who I am. Not literally of course, they don't even know I exist. Just bashing Christians, Republicans, and Pro-Lifers in general. This person is unbelievably shitty. But I really love their art, so instead of unwatching them altogether, thanks to DA's wonderful Watch settings, I just uncheck "Journals" and I never have to see them again! Just as long as their art itself stays secular... (TRUE secularism is avoiding all religious topics, including Atheism, especially Anti-theist topics)

I should probably touch on that. If a person is using their art specifically to do wrong and it hurts you, by all means avoid them. Their art may be good, and the message doesn't make it bad art, but don't think you have to watch someone if you like their style, but their messages hurt you.

Just a few tips for anyone else who may be trying out this mindset.

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  • Playing: Furcadia
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Unpopular Opoinion Stamp by Pallore-MWARNING by Vexcel

Christian Stamp by DarkFaerieNyroc13
Who is the Oppressed One? by Vexic929Why should I be? by RebiValeskaBeliefs Stamp by AnScathMarcachThe Ugly Truth Stamp by mylastelI don't care what they're into by pixelat0ryChristian Opinion by WarriorofHeavenDefending by RebiValeskaChristianity and society by ColliequestScience Stamp by AnScathMarcachChristian Bashing by CynpaiChristian Science Stamp by MadMeeperPhotos:thumb353782694:I've Always Wondered... by SionnaDehrrequest3 by paramoreSUCKSHow Does This Work by SionnaDehrReligious Persecution Stamp by AnScathMarcachChristian but not insane by Lizzie-DoodleStamp: Christian Feelings by Tatooine92Christian Music Stamp by AleximusPrimeFlamer Stamp by SyS-siempreChristian by NaujTheDragonflyWho's the bigot? by Ramen27Hate's a-ok on ebil christians by Ramen27

:thumb217040000:Bitch please, we were the first ones by MlounG3 Had Better Toys Stamp by AnScathMarcachProtect MLP Generations Stamp by CocoChipooRocksPegasister Stamp by Kezzi-RoseG3 Was Not That Bad Guys by AnScathMarcachBrony stamp by RandomPancake1108Christian Brony Stamp 2 by AnScathMarcachG1 MLP isn't that bad - stamp by Quacksquared[STAMP] MLP Generations by EmfenAnimation Error Pony Stamp by jewlechoMy Little Pony by TigerStarcatcherPony OC Stamp by NotgonnadieJudging Bronies Stamp by FlutterAssertPLZPonify stamp by LacedHarlotChristian Brony Stamp by AnScathMarcachNo Pony-Porno by World-Hero21Magenta Eyes - Stamp by Natsu714Some of us are not creepy retards, you know. by World-Hero21

Republican (USA) by Danilee3240
Fetus, Not Parasite by SilentRisingSunPro-Life feminist stamp by XartiAbortion Makes Women Reusable by AnScathMarcachcan you say strawman argument? by ColliequestDon't Tread on Me Stamp by fira-flamePro-choicers' Argument Stamp by AnScathMarcachMy Comeback by SionnaDehrPro-Life Stamp by jball430Conseravtives arent the only one by ZoeyHedgie453Pro-life stamp by Myn-Anthony

Lord of the Rings Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Taters Stamp by Captain-SavvyLegolas stamp by purgatoriMiddle Earth Stamp by MeaninglessTheories

PotC stamp by caribbeanpirates
Pirates of the Caribbean stamp by angelasamshiCaptain Jack Sparrow stamp by RedSarinePOTC: Jack Sparrow by Claire-stampsJack's Peanut by Golden-FlutePirate Stamp by Claire-stampsJar of Dirt Stamp by hatenaki-yumeDavy Jones' Key Stamp by conniekiddWhen no-one's looking. by LetsSaveTheUniverse

Creepypasta Fan Stamp by underneath-infinity
Slender Stamp by CottonValentjeff da killa stamp by x-nautsGhost Pokemon R-B-G-Y by stamp by SpikytasticImscared Stamp by AnScathMarcachCREEPYPASTA STAMP by marshmallowcookiwolfLavender Town Stamp by FENNEKlNS

Furcadia Stamp by AnScathMarcachRay Fean Stamp by AnScathMarcachCeltic Woman by AineMuirgheal:thumb74896937:Non-furry Furcadian Stamp by AnScathMarcachStamp-TobyMac by Jazzy-C-OaksI Like Raisin Cookies Stamp by AnScathMarcachI Like Black Licorice Stamp by AnScathMarcachI Like Mushrooms Stamp by AnScathMarcachI Like Strawberry Neapolitan Ice Cream Stamp by AnScathMarcach


Furcadia Portrait- Pixel Remap
Teeny Tiny Field Mouse Avatar (Ports Included) by AnScathMarcach
Ace of Hearts Port Commission by AnScathMarcach
Jinxiwillow Port 1 by AnScathMarcach
$5.00, 5GD (Furcadia Currency), or 400 DA Points
Furcadia Portrait- Pixel Nonremap
Shadow Rider Port 2013 by AnScathMarcach
Dulaman Port by AnScathMarcach
$5.00, 5GD (Furcadia Currency), or 400 DA Points
Furcadia Portrait- Painted Nonremap
Myth Portrait by AnScathMarcach
Shadow Rider Foggy Port by AnScathMarcach
Caladwen/Acrimonious Port Commission by AnScathMarcach
$5.00, 5GD (Furcadia Currency), or 400 DA Points
Furcadia Portrait- Animated
Corvus Scream Animated Port by AnScathMarcach
Shadow Rider Animated Port by AnScathMarcach
Dezarey Animated Port by AnScathMarcach
Nomi Animated Angelcat Port by AnScathMarcach
Jinxiwillow Animated Port by AnScathMarcach
Prices Vary:

Normal port with blinking eyes or minor animation:
$6.00, 6GD (Furcadia Currency), or 480 DA Points

Port with major body movement, but easily done with copy and pasting frames:
$8-9.00, 8-9GD (Furcadia Currency), or 640 DA Points

Port with major body movement, not easily done such as turning or rotating parts which would require complete redrawing of parts for frames.
$10.00, 10GD (Furcadia Currency), or 800 DA Points



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DolphinMoana Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Student Filmographer
A Christian, pro-life, Republican Brony who loves POTC and LOTR and thinks that the bashing on earlier MLP generations is overkill and who doesn't let herself get walked on for her beliefs?

I think you're my kind of gal and we'll get along awesomely.


You've got a Added to my devWatch! !!!
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Happy Birthday!!! :D
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Double thanks! lol
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Cori, love your new insignia. Calico Jack is my favorite Jolly Roger!
AnScathMarcach Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I'm not sure who my favorite is. Blackbeard's is pretty unique.
CECfan46 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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No, sorry. If I ever do, it's rare and only for close friends. My commission FAQ is the top left widget on my profile.
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