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How Many People Appreciated Animatronics, even before FNaF? 

6 deviants said I never liked them and FNaF confirmed it
4 deviants said Me!
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Cori Davis
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
What do I Upload? I specialize in Realism and Pixel-art. I mostly post any generation of My Little Pony, Furcadia portraits and patches from commissions, and occasionally Christian-themed art.

Pro-religious Content Warning by AnScathMarcachPro-religious Content Warning by AnScathMarcachPro-religious Content Warning by AnScathMarcach

Yes, I am religious (Christian). If you hate religious people (Christians), then don't watch me. Watching me and then complaining about me being inspired by my God or posting my views is just plain stupid. You were warned.

For artwork and preview sketches: anscathmarcach-art
If you want random/political: anscathmarcach (my main blog)
And then there's the self-explanatory anti-christophobia.

I use:
Gimp User Stamp by DarkwizkidInkscape User Stamp by Nakamo.Color Pencils Stamp. by PetiteTangerine


MLP Path Vector - Arial View by AnScathMarcach
MLP Path Vector - Arial View
I'll be using this in a little animation I'm planning, but I thought I'd upload it to the public as well. This wasn't copied from anything in particular, so don't expect it to be perfectly show accurate. I just made it to be compatible with a 3D rotating wheel thingy that the character will be walking on. Maybe others will find it useful for more things.

Free to use. Credit and link-back is appreciated.
Shantayz Kitten Port
Wow this one took foreever.... It was meant to be like this one:
Slovak Animated Port by AnScathMarcach 
only with a lot more going on. I'm still happy with it though.

This is a non-remapping animated port with major movement, which is $10.

You can see my Commission prices here:
The Shadow Rider Furcadia Commission Price List
Here is my list of commission prices for Furcadia-specific commissions. I accept Paypal, or Dragonscales.
For commissions $5 or less, I take payment up front before I start working. For commissions $6 or more, I will accept half up front, and the rest upon completion.
I will offer a sketch before payment if requested!
Tiny Things
Desctags/Specitags: $2
I don't have any examples of these yet, but I will do them!
NonAnimated: $5
This includes Remapping, Nonremap-Pixel, and Nonremap-Painted portraits. Painted portraits come with a bonus 285x285 version! I work at 285px with painted ports. I guess I could make portraits (95x95 pictures) for non-furcadia users to use as avatars as well, only remapping would not apply.

Animated: prices listed below
Easy Movement, ex. Eyes blink or sparkles: $6

This is an old
AnScathMarcach Commission Prices
Here is my list of commission prices. I accept Paypal only, or Dragonscales if you happen to play Furcadia.
For commissions $5 or less, I take payment up front before I start working. For commissions $6 or more, I will accept half up front, and the rest upon completion.
I will offer a sketch before payment if requested! (Unless your commission is a sketch of course.)
Sketches: $3, plus $1 per additional character
My sketches are more like outlines drawn with a tablet. I can also draw it on paper and scan it if you want me to.

Outline: $5, plus $2 per additional character

Colored: $6, plus $2 per additional character

Colored and Shaded: $8, plus $3 per additional character

Colored with background: $10, plus $2 per additional character

Colored and Shaded with Backgrou
No Conflict Stamp
Just a super quick stamp I came up with.

Now before you're all like "But... but... that's what conflict MEANS!" Not necessarily, and especially not in literature/movies. This stamp was made to represent the particular argument for people hating "girly shows": because they claim there is no conflict! They claim this because the "girly shows" they speak of have no villains or fighting. Well, allow me to give you an edumacation lesson.

Villains and battles are conflicts, yes, but they are not the ONLY types of conflict!

In literature, the literary element conflict is an inherent incompatibility between the objectives of two or more characters or forces. Conflict creates tension and interest in a story by adding doubt as to the outcome.


TL;DR, A conflict is anything that prevents a character from reaching their goal!

Common conflicts are: Man vs. Man, which is your villain and fight setup, Man vs. Society, Man vs. Nature, and Man vs. Self.

Now, let's take one of the biggest examples of "there's no conflict" and analyze it. Bronies and Generation 3 My Little Pony. A classic "girly show" with no villains, no fights, and nothing trying to take over the world. Yet in just about every episode, there is some type of conflict! Take the episode "A Charming Birthday", one of the very first G3 episodes. Spoiler alert: The ponies decide they want to make a charm bracelet to give to their friend, Kimono for her birthday. Soon they realize that they can't decide whose charms to use. Boom! There's the conflict. This one could be classified as Man vs. Man, or even Man vs. Self. Now of course that's not the most exciting conflict, but there are even better ones.

Take the episode "A Very Minty Christmas", which is arguably the best episode of them all in regards to conflict. More Spoilers: The ponies are getting ready for Christmas, and while everyone's away, Minty accidentally breaks the Here Comes Christmas Candy Cane. Without the candy cane, Santa can't find Ponyville and Christmas is ruined! The conflict here is that Minty has to resolve her mistake. First she has to admit to everyone what she did, and then she has to find a way to save Christmas. There are tons more things that happen in the movie that I don't have the time or space to bother writing down. This is a HUGE Man vs. Self conflict, which also turns into a Man vs. Society conflict.

So you see, Man vs. Man is not the only example of conflict. Before you say a show or story has no conflict, remember the other types of conflict that exist and really be sure. Chances are, you won't say it, because if there was no conflict, there wouldn't be a story in the first place.
FNaF Dolls for Furcadia by AnScathMarcach
FNaF Dolls for Furcadia
A Five Nights at Freddy's patch for Furcadia! Dolls for any BaH, Dog pound dream, or just for fun!

Patch includes: Chica, Bonnie, Freddy, and Foxy plushies. Sittable and Gettable by default.

Patches by The Shadow Rider. May be modified with credit given for the base. Please do not distribute for profit.

Click the Download button to download the .FOX file!
Giant Tree Scene by AnScathMarcach
Giant Tree Scene
Another beautiful scene that spawned from my dreams.

The other night I had a dream that I was wandering around my neighborhood and came across this giant tree that wasn't there before. There was also a red dragon and various other creatures and people hanging around it. The tree was very large, but short. Kind of like how a Live Oak tree grows if you've ever seen one, only its color wasn't so dark.

The rest of the dream was rather strange though. The dragon I mentioned ended up having a love interest, so me and this friend I met (who happened to be Chuck E. Cheese for some reason...) decided to try and help him. However, the girl still went to someone else, so the dragon got very angry and went on a rampage. Growing at least 3 times in size, stomping, and trying to kill people, especially me and my Chucky friend.

So of course our only option was to run away. Since we were in my neighborhood, I directed us to this creek me and an old friend used to play in, since the trees would hide us and the water would take away our scent. We kept running and running until the creek opened up into a lake (which I'm pretty sure doesn't really exist), and here we found the roots of the giant tree from before sticking out of the ground. This was at least a mile away from where it was.

It was then we realized somehow that if the tree's roots sucked up the dragon's blood, the dragon would magically go back to normal. So we conveniently had something that the dragon had broken I guess which had apparently cut him, so we stuck it in the water where the roots were and the day was saved. Which is odd because usually I wake up before a "story" can come to a defined end.

When I woke up, I really wanted to turn it into a real story, and I kind of still want to, but of course a few things will have to be changed and I'll have to make it a bit more creative.

I’ve noticed a trend in the anti-christian community, and that trend is that these people seem to think that Christians simply “just believe”. That we have the ability to change our beliefs on a whim, but choose not to. That our beliefs are simply just beliefs that we hold for no reason (well, most of these people think that reason is “just to be assholes”). That they can just tell us to stop, and think it’s that easy to let go of. That our belief is nothing more than an opinion that can simply be changed with a little convincing.

Well, I’ve got news for you. In our eyes, our “beliefs” are truth. God is as real and alive to us as he is fake to you. You can’t just tell us to stop and shove all these things we don’t believe in into our faces and expect us to change (and then call us stupid for not). It’s because we believe that our beliefs are truth, and what you’re trying to make us believe is a lie.

"Believe" has become such a frivolous word whose power has been drained from its meaning. 

He believes in Santa Claus, she believes in fairies, they believe in aliens.

To say one believes in God nowadays sounds like it could mean “I like to think that God could be real”, when it’s far more than that. I mean look at the synonyms for “believe” (from 

  • accept
  • admit
  • conclude
  • consider
  • suppose
  • think
  • trust

None of these things invoke the power of a Christian’s relationship to Christianity.

To Christians, God is real. the bible is God’s word, and God’s word is truth. All the rules that we follow are to Christians, the very definitions of right and wrong! We try to tell everyone that our being against Homosexuality, Abortion, and all the other things Christians are famously against are not the result of trying to hold power, trying to control everyone, or just wanting to be assholes who don’t want anyone to have fun, it’s the result of these things being absolute wrongs. Of course those trying to paint Christianity as evil won’t acknowledge that because it doesn’t fit the agenda. They want Christianity to be evil and nonredeemable.

Does a word exist that can replace Believe? A word that means more than “I think”, “I trust”, or “I consider”? A word that can’t so easily be shaken? (I bet there’s one in Hebrew or Greek somewhere)

Because that is a Christian. A Christian doesn’t simply “believe” that God exists and that his words are truth. A Christian says “To me, this is the absolute truth. This is what’s right and what’s wrong. Nothing you do can change that.”

This post on my Tumblr

  • Mood: Irritated


Unpopular Opoinion Stamp by Pallore-MWARNING by Vexcel

Christian Stamp by DarkFaerieNyroc13
Who is the Oppressed One? by Vexic929Why should I be? by RebiValeskaBeliefs Stamp by AnScathMarcachThe Ugly Truth Stamp by mylastelI don't care what they're into by pixelat0ryChristian Opinion by WarriorofHeavenDefending by RebiValeskaChristianity and society by ColliequestScience Stamp by AnScathMarcachChristian Bashing by CynpaiChristian Science Stamp by MadMeeperPhotos:thumb353782694:I've Always Wondered... by SionnaDehrrequest3 by paramoreSUCKSHow Does This Work by SionnaDehrReligious Persecution Stamp by AnScathMarcachChristian but not insane by Lizzie-DoodleStamp: Christian Feelings by Tatooine92Christian Music Stamp by AleximusPrimeFlamer Stamp by SyS-siempreChristian by NaujTheDragonflyWho's the bigot? by Ramen27Hate's a-ok on ebil christians by Ramen27

:thumb217040000:Bitch please, we were the first ones by MlounG3 Had Better Toys Stamp by AnScathMarcachProtect MLP Generations Stamp by CocoChipooRocksPegasister Stamp by Kezzi-RoseG3 Was Not That Bad Guys by AnScathMarcachBrony stamp by RandomPancake1108Christian Brony Stamp 2 by AnScathMarcachG1 MLP isn't that bad - stamp by Quacksquared[STAMP] MLP Generations by EmfenAnimation Error Pony Stamp by jewlechoMy Little Pony by TigerStarcatcherPony OC Stamp by NotgonnadieJudging Bronies Stamp by FlutterAssertPLZPonify stamp by LacedHarlotChristian Brony Stamp by AnScathMarcachNo Pony-Porno by World-Hero21Magenta Eyes - Stamp by Natsu714Some of us are not creepy retards, you know. by World-Hero21

Republican (USA) by Danilee3240
Fetus, Not Parasite by SilentRisingSunPro-Life feminist stamp by XartiAbortion Makes Women Reusable by AnScathMarcachcan you say strawman argument? by ColliequestDon't Tread on Me Stamp by fira-flamePro-choicers' Argument Stamp by AnScathMarcachMy Comeback by SionnaDehrPro-Life Stamp by jball430Conseravtives arent the only one by ZoeyHedgie453Pro-life stamp by Myn-Anthony

Lord of the Rings Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Taters Stamp by Captain-SavvyLegolas stamp by purgatoriMiddle Earth Stamp by MeaninglessTheories

PotC stamp by caribbeanpirates
Pirates of the Caribbean stamp by angelasamshiCaptain Jack Sparrow stamp by RedSarinePOTC: Jack Sparrow by Claire-stampsJack's Peanut by Golden-FlutePirate Stamp by Claire-stampsJar of Dirt Stamp by hatenaki-yumeDavy Jones' Key Stamp by conniekiddWhen no-one's looking. by LetsSaveTheUniverse

Creepypasta Fan Stamp by underneath-infinity
Slender Stamp by CottonValentjeff da killa stamp by x-nautsGhost Pokemon R-B-G-Y by stamp by SpikytasticImscared Stamp by AnScathMarcachCREEPYPASTA STAMP by marshmallowcookiwolfLavender Town Stamp by FENNEKlNS

Furcadia Stamp by AnScathMarcachRay Fean Stamp by AnScathMarcachCeltic Woman by AineMuirgheal:thumb74896937:Non-furry Furcadian Stamp by AnScathMarcachStamp-TobyMac by Jazzy-C-OaksI Like Raisin Cookies Stamp by AnScathMarcachI Like Black Licorice Stamp by AnScathMarcachI Like Mushrooms Stamp by AnScathMarcachI Like Strawberry Neapolitan Ice Cream Stamp by AnScathMarcach



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