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Cori Davis
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It seems as though my name is being spread around through notes by a group of users, "warning" people about me, saying I did things I didn't do.

If you've come here to block me, report me, or send me hate because you found out about me through a note or journal, please read the following:

These people who are spreading my name around are actually one single user who has been creating new accounts to harass me and everyone who knows me for over a year now, just because he hates Christians and the fact that I defend them. This person is severely mentally ill and obsessed with me, and he will stop at nothing to get at me through any means possible. Every time I find out about one of his new accounts, he throws a tantrum and then deactivates only to create a new account sometime later and continue the cycle again. Recently, I resorted to blocking him on sight and reporting every new account he makes for block evasion. However, now that he can't get to me directly anymore, he's resorted to different methods.

Currently his newest method to get to me is to use several accounts to spread my name through notes to as many random people on DeviantArt as he can, telling them things like I've been "stalking, reporting, slandering, making up lies, tracking down personal info, getting non-christian art taken down, and trying to get all non-christians arrested by the FBI", and even telling people I said I want all non-christians to die. Hoping that other people will attack me for him and he can avoid detection, and even if I do block him, I still can't get away.

I've also learned from other users that if you don't fall for his lies and don't believe him, he will dogpile you with sockpuppet accounts and friends to spam and harass you as well.

So here's the deal:

No, I'm not stalking people.

No, I'm not tracking down your personal information.
The only truth to his statement is that I do have an IP tracker on my page, which is to keep track of people like him who are stalking me and when and how often they view my page, and in the case that I were to be doxxed again or have other illegal actions taken against me, I could give their location to the police.

No, I'm not getting secular art taken down, and I would never do that.
I don't even know where he's getting that from.

I have NEVER said I "want all non-christians to die"
Nor do I think that.

Nobody is being reported "falsely". If I report someone, it's because they are doing illegal things like this. This is both harassment and slander. And this user deserves to be reported, because he's not only been stalking and harassing me for over a year now, but he's trying to send countless completely random people that don't even know me to attack me based on things that aren't true.

And NO I'm not reporting anyone to the FBI.
Like I said above, the only reason I WOULD report someone to the police is if they were committing illegal acts against me that would harm me in real life, such as the doxxing incident.

Those are all blatant lies. And people are actually believing them despite how farfetched and ridiculous the claims are. Seriously? None of you even thought once to ask for proof?

So please don't just believe everything you hear, especially if the person spreading it sounds obsessive and like they're trying to cause drama. It's pretty sad that I have to permanently alter my page now in the futile hope that the people who were stupid enough to believe him might actually gain some sense.


When you tell me I can't do it, I only try harder. Success is that much sweeter in the face of those who try to put you down. Your success is their failure.

Pro-religious Content Warning by AnScathMarcach Pro-religious Content Warning by AnScathMarcach Pro-religious Content Warning by AnScathMarcach

Yes, I am religious (Christian). If you hate religious people (Christians), then don't watch me. Watching me and then complaining about me being inspired by my God or posting my views is just plain stupid. You were warned.

Thinking about doxxing me?

Go ahead, try it. It sure worked out well for this guy.
You'll never find me, and if by some freak instance you manage to do so, I WILL get you arrested and/or take the necessary measures to defend myself, and you'll only end up as another head on a pike just like him.

If Atheists Hate Me This Much... by AnScathMarcach Christophobia Stamp by AnScathMarcach Religion-Bashing by Chiminix
SJWs triggered by my name: 3
SJWs obsessed with me: 5
SJWs out to doxx and/or murder me: 4

anscathmarcach My main blog, I post some art here that isn't relevant to my specialized art blogs.
Typical-AtheiSJW An atheist parody blog that turned out to be a feature blog for actual terrible things real people have said about Christians.

Art Blogs:
Scáth's Ponies My Little Pony art only
Galacticats Posting Galacticats progress
AnScathMarcachArt Inactive due to being falsely flagged as NSFW, but continues to rebog all art posts from my other blogs.

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Gaeltacht (Borderless Stamp) by AnScathMarcach

My username is Irish Gaelic for "The Shadow Rider" and it is pronounced "on skah MAR-kah". An Scáth Marcach

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Today I had to leave my boyfriend.

He never was a Christian, he was Hindu, but I jumped into the relationship because he told me he was on the fence and that he did believe in Jesus, he just wasn't a Christian. I figured it would be easy enough to show him church so that he could see miracles and feel His presence and learn about the faith. But even though he said he was interested, things would always get in the way of him showing up. He would tell me it would take at least 5 years for him to decide if he would convert or not.

Well, I let us get too comfortable. I was sure we were going to get married even though he had become stagnant in his interest to learn. Soon people were starting to ask questions and telling me that I needed to give him an ultimatum and really think about things. A few people said they could really feel that he wasn't the one. I didn't want to do it. I really loved him and I still love him. I thought we had a future together, we had plans, we wanted kids, we wanted a suburban/country house near a lake and have a few farm animals. It was going to be a great life, but I was getting warning signals.

Not only were people telling me I should rethink things, there was the problem that he was hiding me from his family and friends. I understand it's a thing in his culture that they're not quite as accepting of interracial marriages as people here are, and his parents wanted to arrange a marriage for him. But all his friends and every Indian guy he ever meets? They can't ALL be THAT strict, can they?

Then another time, I went to turn off my profile on the dating site we met on, and I noticed he was online. I confronted him about it and he said he was deleting messages or something. The data on his profile was also a bit different than what he told me in real life. For instance his profile said his birthday was in May and he was 30, but in real life he said he was 32 and born in October. Last, he eventually started getting roommates in his apartment because he was having trouble paying rent, and due to the whole Indian culture thing, we couldn't go back to his place (which meant we couldn't spend much time together at all) unless they were gone for the time. All of these things deep down made me question his honesty. I still don't know the truth and don't want to believe something was up, but it's possible.

Then finally, after I started getting questions from my friends and feeling convicted, I finally decided it was time. He wasn't making any moves, and it's true, I can't marry him if he isn't a Christian.

We had a very long talk, and more red flags came up. He told me he believes that all religions are the same, and it's true that we shared a lot of moral beliefs between his Hinduism and my Christianity, but they really aren't the same. He started saying a lot of things that were very against my beliefs like:

There are many paths to the truth (The path is narrow, no one comes to the Father except through Me)
I will decide after we are married (Don't be unequally yoked, I can't marry a nonbeliever, and what if he decided not to in the end? I can't take that risk)
As long as you're a good person and don't commit any crimes, God will let you into heaven (You have to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, be baptized, and repent for your sins)
Religion shouldn't be a dealbreaker for marriage, "real life" comes before a god (God comes FIRST and he IS everything)

I'm very upset that I left, and I feel guilty for leaving a perfectly good man only to be alone and miserable again, but this was what I had to do, and I have the faith that God will provide me someone who is more than I could ever imagine. In Shakespeare's words, "Make my swan look like a crow".

He took it way better than I did.


My friend has two kids, and she posted on Facebook about what a great breakfast they had, and that her youngest (still a baby) had “Oatmeal with Booby Milk”.

Oatmeal with Booby Milk is a phrase I never expected to read in my life.

I just got the chance to use the "Morgellons is highly advanced bio-nano technology" copypasta on an atheiSJW AND THE IDIOT REBLOGGED IT UNIRONICALLY IN FULL AGREEMENT
I haven't checked out this Bendy and the Ink Machine game yet, but I just hope people don't think I'm jumping on some fandom bandwagon when I release my animation in that old style.
On the bright side, this may bring some attention to that style and get more people interested in traditional animation.
Has anyone noticed an improvement so far in Staff response times to reports since DA was bought out by Wix?




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This is my final draft for my final update on my views on abortion:…

And this is my final draft for the epilogue of sorts:…
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017
And here is part two/phase two of my theory that could help Pro-Choicers and Pro-Lifers alike:

-Step 1: Improve adoption facilities to take good care of the kids with more effort and resources. Add precautions to ensure that the staff are nice to said kids.

-Step 2: After improving said adoption facilities, promote the aforementioned adoption facilities.

-Step 3: Promote the use of alternative forms of birth control that do NOT use abortion.

-Step 4: Promote the use of c-sections.
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Alright I was arguing with you on these pictures……

And my point is that I really REALLY HATE EqG and I am very serious about stopping EqG and it really is not MLP at all

They are after all as you've said experimentations (Which is what humanising only is) (and it's the opposite of ponyfing) We can just say and pretend that they're just Megan Williams from G1 with skin and hair dye and contact lenses.

Now I am tough about protecting my turf and I am honest about EqG not being MLP at all but I know you're a good artist and animator especially with that Galaticats show you made it's very good.
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im curious...(if you do not mind me asking) have you ever thot of making christian themed MLP art?
AnScathMarcach Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I would if I had ideas of what to do
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